MSC ship

The Mediterranean Way of Life

MSC Cruises was born in the Mediterranean and continues to draw inspiration from its roots, with the company’s distinctly Mediterranean way of life creating a unique experience for travellers around the world. The region’s celebrated values of authenticity, humanity and warmth are at the heart of the MSC experience; from the unparalleled hospitality of MSC’s multi-lingual crew, to delicious dining based on the concept that good food is our way of life and that eating is about quality and diversity, discovery and sharing. With innovations in both exterior and interior designs earning prestigious awards for naval architects De Jorio Design International, MSC Cruises continues to set new standards in cruising, in particular with the MSC Aurea Spa, a lavish wellness and fitness centre, and the ground-breaking MSC Yacht Club, an exclusive area on the company’s four flagships, offering elegant suites with around-the-clock butler service and numerous other privileges. With all of this and more, travellers exploring the world with MSC Cruises soon come to share in the company’s Mediterranean philosophy of time; that life should be measured in moments not minutes – and that each of these moments should be savoured.

MSC Features

  • The company’s distinctive Mediterranean way of life creates a unique experience for travellers around the world, putting authenticity, humanity and warmth at the heart of the MSC experience.
  • An ultra-modern, beautifully designed fleet of 12 ships, with 3 different classes to accommodate every need.
  • A truly cosmopolitan ambience, with nearly 200 different nationalities welcomed on board every year by a multi-lingual crew.
  • A unique dining experience inspired by the belief that eating is above all about quality and diversity, experience and knowledge, discovery and sharing.
  • The 1,700-square metre MSC Aurea Spa wellness and fitness centre, an original oriental paradise with a Balinese theme, superb sea views and exotic modern décor combining natural stones, wood and rich mosaics.
  • The ground-breaking MSC Yacht Club concept: an exclusive ‘ship within a ship’ on the foredecks of MSC’s most luxurious Fantasia class vessels, offering guests the ultimate experience in luxury, privacy and personal service. With its private decks, sweeping sea views, and butler serviced superior suites, this trend-setting concept is a distinguished sanctuary for guests seeking peace, privacy and exclusivity but with access to all that large cruise ships offer.

Where MSC Cruises: Caribbean, Northern Europe, South America, Mediterranean, Canary Islands, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and the Grand Voyage.